A Reliable and Sustainable Vacuum - that's Henry!

Vacuum reliability and sustainability go hand in hand. If a vacuum is reliable, good quality and works hard for longer - it will be more sustainable and better for our environment.

Did you know that the environmental impact of vacuums is mostly in the disposal of vacuums into landfill (as most vacuums are not recycled)?

Secondly, the energy consumption to use a vacuum has an impact.

Henry and his friends help to solve the global problem of environmental impact by keeping vacuums out of landfill. A Henry vacuum is designed to work hard and not be disposable after 12 months. There is simply no competition (or comparison) between Henry and the vacuums you’d find on a weekly grocery specials table or the 2400W bagless brand that you’ve never heard of before in your local discount department store. And whilst these no name brands might offer a warranty of sorts, its most likely they’ll just be replaced or refunded meaning a big chunk of plastic goes to landfill.

Henry’s 2 year warranty is supported by a nationwide network of repair agents that are trained to repair and replace parts in the unlikely event that’s needed, not just send your vacuum to the tip! Henry can have a simple tune up and keep him at home and out of landfill.

Henry fans across Australia regularly tell us they have had their Henry for over 5 years and they love him!

Henry's are also made with energy consumption in mind. A Henry Home will provide great cleaning suction using just 620 watts, compared to other brands that will use at least 1200 watts to provide the same suction power.

That's a win for the environment and a win for your hip pocket when the power bill arrives!

You can compare brands on our website and see the difference here.

Best.Vacuum. Ever

I bought my Henry in 2006 and it's still going strong! I can reach most of the house with it's long power cable which retracts perfect;y into the unit when I'm finished. It has excellent suction and all the accessories I need came with the vacuum. Thanks to Henry's longevity and cleaning performance, I have no hesitation recommending to my family and friends! I bought my Mum a Hetty Home and since purchasing that, her super expensive bagless vacuum (which broke twice in 2 years) has been retired to the cupboard. Best. Vacuum. Ever!

Steve - Verified Buyer

That’s thumbs up for great cleaning power and thumbs up for the environment.

Happy cleaning,



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