Hi I'm Henry Quick

I’m excited to announce that my newest friend Henry Quick is now available in Australia.

Henry Quick is the first stick vacuum launched by Numatic UK, known for its reliable Henry vacuums.

Henry Quick has all the Henry favourites – great performance, reliability and of course his cheeky smile! The Henry Quick is all about his unique Pods. The pods provide all the benefits of cordless cleaning with no dust, no mess no fuss!

Each Quick Pod holds one litre of dust and mess, uniquely designed to compact the dirt as you clean with its powerful suction giving you more capacity than other leading vacuums. When the pod is full, one-click will release the pods straight into your rubbish bin. Replace with a new pod for factory fresh suction and performance time after time.

Henry Quick comes with 26 pods to keep you going long after your purchase, a motorised brush head, 2-in-1 combi tool, crevice tool, extended use handle, wall dock which stores the accessories, a battery and charger.

With 60 minutes of run time, you will be able to clean the house before needing to recharge again.

Henry Quick is designed by Numatic UK and made in China.

If you need a Henry for Quick jobs around the house – Henry Quick is the Henry to add to your cleaning collection.

 Happy cleaning,