Allergies getting you down? Dust Mites a Problem in your Home?

Allergies getting you down? Dust mites a problem in your home?

Did you know that house dust mites are one of the most common allergens in Australia?

According to the ASCIA (Australasian society of clinical immunology and Allergy) dust mites are the most common allergen source in humid areas in Australia. It is very difficult to completely eliminate dust mites, although it is possible to significantly reduce them and minimise them in your home.

Here are some tips to help minimise dust mites in your home:

Tip #1 Wash sheets, pillow cases and other bedding weekly in hot water

Hot washing bedding in water that is a minimum of 60 degrees, will kill dust mites.

Tip #2 Cover mattresses, pillows and quilts with dust mite resistant covers

The covers should be washed every 2 months in hot water.

Tip #3 Remove all soft toys, sheepskins, bean bags and woollen underlays from beds and bedrooms

If children require toys to sleep, they should be washed in hot water regularly. You can wash them in eucalyptus oil weekly or put them in the freezer overnight. Freezing will kill the mites but will not remove the allergen, which washing will do.

Tip #4 Damp dust hard surfaces weekly

Damp dusting hard surfaces and hard floors will remove dust without spreading the dust around the home.

Tip #5 Vacuum carpets weekly

Vacuuming with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter vacuum – such as a Henry Allergy vacuum will remove dust mites from the carpet and trap them in the vacuum bag for easy disposal.

If this is not news to you – you’ve probably been told by an allergist to purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Henry is here to help – my friend Henry Allergy is the perfect solution with his HEPA filter and vacuum bags to keep all the dust mites trapped, stored and easy to dispose of. You will notice the difference in reduced allergies in your household.

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