Henry is Celebrating World Heritage Day!

Hi Australia, I'm Henry. Today is World Heritage Day and to Celebrate I’m going to share some Henry Facts!

I’m very proud of being a reliable, strong vacuum that has been around for 39 years.

I was born in 1981

The first Henry rolled off the production line in the UK in 1981.

Made in the UK

Henry has always been designed, engineered and made in the UK. The large factory is in Chard, Somerset.

12 million Henry’s sold

More than 12 million, and counting, have been made and sold all over the world to domestic and commercial cleaners.

One Henry is built every 30 seconds

That’s 2 every minute!

Henry is an icon in the UK

Generations of British families have grown up with Henry in their home over the past 39 years.

UK’s most reliable Vacuum

Henry has been independently rated as the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand.

Happy cleaning,