Henry Vacuums are Trained to be Reliable!

Henry Vacuums are Trained to be Reliable – Here’s How!

A Henry vacuum and all my friends, Hetty and Allergy are put through a lot of testing at the Henry Training Academy in the UK (Numatic International HQ) before we make it!

It takes a lot to become a Henry, which is why I’ve been rated the UK’s most reliable vacuum and will last you for years to come.

The first test I have to do, checks my reliability and that of all my components. I am loaded with 5kgs and set off to complete a minimum of 20,000 laps of carpet and hard floor surfaces. This takes 111 hours to complete (exhausting) and I will only pass the test if my wheels, hubs and castors remain in complete working order at the end.

Next, all my floor tools go for 500 tumbles and my hose is swung back and forth 40,000 times, to make sure no matter how much I get tossed and swung around by your kids I will keep working time after time.

My final test, is endurance, but I wish they did this one first! My powerful motor is tested for a minimum of 1,600 hours of continuous life, to make sure I’ll always be there giving you the most powerful and cleanest results around your home.

Once I pass all these tests, with flying colours, only then, can I and my friends be sent all over the world to happily clean and make life easier for thousands of households. I always aim to please and my training is tough to stay reliable for you.

 Happy cleaning,