Henry’s Vacuum Myths

Myth Number 1 - Watts Means Cost not Performance

Hi, I’m Henry Home – the happiest vacuum in Australia and I’m here to help bust one of vacuuming’s biggest myths.

How many times have you seen a vacuum proudly proclaiming a huge number of Watts like a badge of honour. 1800W? 2000W?

Saying that More Watts means a Better vacuum is like saying that you can make a better Gin and Tonic by adding more tonic! It means it costs more to make – but doesn’t do a better job!

Watts is just a measure of the power being used. The more watts = the more it costs you to use.

That’s what makes me so great. I have all the suction you need – but using up to 60% less power than other vacuums. That means I’ll save you money on your power bill every time you use me.

Happy cleaning,