Henry’s Vacuum Myth #3 – HEPA filtration is essential!

Hi Australia, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Henry Home and I’m here to debunk the myth that  HEPA filtration is essential for everyone and why my friend Henry Allergy is the expert.

The term HEPA filtration refers to the type of additional filter that is added to a vacuum to provide removal of 99.97% of small particles from a surface. These small particles include things that some  people are allergic to such as dust mites, pollen's and pet hair.

Therefore, HEPA filtration is necessary if you have a family member with allergies. If you don’t have allergies, the additional filtration is not necessary as the tri-tex filter that a Henry has fitted as standard is excellent and will remove over 90% of small particles.

So, HEPA filtration is only necessary if you have allergies. If so, my friend Henry Allergy is the right vacuum for you. Otherwise you can save a few dollars and purchase me, Henry, or my friend Hetty.

Happy cleaning,