Hi, I'm Hetty Home!

Hi Australia, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Hetty Home!

For over 35 years my other half, Henry has been the workhorse of the professional cleaning industry around the world. We’ve been trusted by some of the best hotels in the world because of our performance, function and especially our reliability.

We’re so loved in the UK that there’s been over 10 Million of us made for hotels, motels, homes, restaurants and cafés all over the world.

And now they’ve made me, Hetty Home, especially designed for the busy household with added flair! I’m more compact and still have all the features with lots of accessories, easy storage, outstanding suction, airflow and performance. All this with some of the best efficiency you’ll find.

On top of all this, I’m the most elegant vacuum you’ll ever see!

So why not click through and see all my other friends who are just waiting to find a home in Australia!

Happy cleaning,