How often should Henry's bag be changed?

A question I get asked all the time – how often should the bag in a Henry vacuum be changed?

The genuine Henry bags, which we recommend, are made to fit Henry and his friends perfectly. They are also very high quality bags which contain all the dust and particles and are easy to just throw in your rubbish bin. They even have a seal to pop in when the bag is full to keep all the dirt inside.

You should change your vacuum bag at least once per month to maintain optimum suction and cleanliness. If you notice the suction of your vacuum is not as good as usual and bits are not being picked up from the floor or carpet as easily, a quick bag change will sort out the problem as when the vacuum bag gets too full, the suction is reduced.

I enjoy sharing cleaning tips and tricks to keep all my friends running well.

Click on the link to see our video of how to change a Henry vacuum bag 



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