Top Tips to Keep Pet Hair Away!

Do you have a pet who constantly sheds hair?

You love them dearly but you wish dealing with their hair was easier?

Here are a few tips for keeping the hair under control and tackling the issue head on:

Showing your Pet some Extra Love

All healthy animals will shed to some degree, show them some extra love, and give them a good brush to get rid of the excess hair. Your groomer will also be an expert on advice for excessive shedding.

Consider Pet Friendly Fabrics for your Furniture

It’s not easy choosing fabrics that keep pet hair away. Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, velvet, corduroy, velour and loose fabrics will attract pet hair and make it more difficult to remove. Some synthetic fabrics with lots of static will also attract the pet hair.

Fabrics such as silk, leather and shiny finishes will allow pet hair to fall right off! A leather couch will make life with pet hair easier.

Vacuum with Henry Petcare

If your pet has a favourite piece of furniture, vacuum it regularly using the upholstery tool to keep the hair to a minimum. An anti-static spray applied after you vacuum will help with future vacuuming and a lint roller can also help between vacuums.

Use your Dryer

If washable clothing or bedding has pet hair, toss it in the dryer on a cool setting for 2 minutes to loosen the hair from the fabric. The hair will get trapped in the filter so remember to clean your filter afterwards with a quick vacuum!

Rubber Washing up Gloves to the Rescue

Your rubber gloves can help remove pet hair from furniture – dampen the gloves and gently rub the gloves over the couch. The static combined with the texture of the gloves will lift the hair off.

Run the rubber gloves under hot water and the pet hair will fall off.

Wash your Pets Bedding

Washing and vacuuming your pets bedding regularly will ensure less hair builds up. Making it easier to keep the pet hair to a minimum.


If you have pets, the Henry Petcare vacuum is sure to make life easier.

Happy cleaning,