Vacuum like a Pro with Henry!

Vacuum like a Pro with Henry!

I’m turning 40 next year and commercial cleaners have been using my vacuums all over the world to get the job done right. Being around this long, means I have a few tips to make your home cleaning quick and efficient like the pros.

Tip #1 Don’t let the vacuum bag get full

The cleaning pros will change their vacuum bag once it is over half full, this will ensure maximum suction and efficiency from your vacuum always.

Tip #2 Adjust the Brush Height for Different Surfaces    

The vacuum brush on all Henry’s have an adjustment for carpet and hard floors. Always use the vacuum with the brush out for your hard floors so as not to scratch your floor and change to no brush for carpets. This will make sure you are always vacuuming efficiently.

Tip #3 It’s not a Race

When vacuuming don’t go to fast – if you are cleaning an area too quickly you will miss areas and leave the dirt and dust behind. If you slow it down and use overlapping strokes the deep carpet dirt will get sucked up and your hard floors will be cleaner.

Tip #4 Use all the attachments

Henry has a number of cleaning attachments as standard with each model of vacuum. Use the crevice tool to get into corners and around appliances, get the dusting brush out to dust the windows and shutters and grab the upholstery brush to clean the lounge and inside your car.

Tip #5 Don’t wait for carpet to get really dirty

I love cleaning, so get Henry out every day, and vacuum the carpet. Get the kids involved and your carpet will always look good and won’t stain from built up dirt.

 Happy cleaning,