Henry’s Vacuum Myth #2- Why all Bags are not Equal

Hi Australia, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Henry Home and I’m here to talk about vacuum bags – and why all bags are not equal.

Vacuum bags do 3 very important jobs:

  • Contain all the dirt and dust you’ve worked so hard to suck up
  • Keep dust out of the vacuum motor
  • Provide an easy way to dispose of the dirt at the end of the job.

Although bags may look the same, they are not all made using the same techniques and materials.

Henry genuine Hepa-flo bags not only capture the dust, our triple layer bags, when combined with our Tritex Filter keeps dust and dirt out of the motor – keeping Henry happy for longer.

Our genuine Hepa-flo bags also have a sealing tab to keep that dust trapped inside when you dispose of them. This is very important for any houses where allergies or asthma is an issue.

So when Henry needs a new bag, remember to buy Genuine Henry Bags to keep Henry happy longer and to keep that dust and dirt locked up that you’ve worked so hard to clean.

 Happy cleaning,